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Very beautiful and easy going. What an experience
- Mike

She's one of the best

I have go to get back to see Amy again soon!
- Knoll

Great girl

Amy's tits are a national treasure. It's something else. Time to get reacquainted with that delicious booty, not to mention her super fun personality.
- majicream

Sensual Amy is around

I have had HIGH recommendations for this one...amy seems to be a favorite, and she backs it up!!
- EnergizerScott

Lusting over this one

I have been lusting over Amy for a while now and decided to contact her when I had a free weekend. I contacted her via email and she was easy to set things up with. I am so glad I contacted her
- buckeyguy

Wonderful experience

Contacted Amy by her email a month ago before travelling. Sorted out some logistics real quick. On our appointment day she got the time a little messed up but came over as soon as I reminded her about it. Chatted while we go upstairs to my room and then the fun began. She was and is incredible, she's really worth it. A 200% GFE.
- mark

beautiful smile, and other things

I'm not sure how to get the point across, but Amy is really just a really nice girl! The smile that she has just makes the whole experience very memorable. Its really nice to meet someone with such a bubbly personality that it makes everything just that much better. I would definitely repeat
- Anon


Amy was a breeze to set up a date with. She was friendly and responsive to texts. She showed up about 10 minutes early in the lobby of my casino and looked really cute. As we rode up in a crowded elevator she pressed against me pushing me into the back corner of the elevator where she rubbed her palm against my pants softly but firmly staring in my eyes in the mirrored elevator wall as those around us vaguely seemed to know she was rubbing me up. That was a sweet ride. We were going up, but in just a minute or two, I knew we would be going down. 🙂 I had a wonderful time and will surely be booking multiple sessions.
- KevinRoby